It may be the tail end of summer, but it's the midwest and it's still really hot outside, in fact just last week we had a heat advisory. We really feel for our friends who work out in the heat all day, whether you're actually outside, or in a shop with no AC, it's HOT.  So we teamed up with our friends at Ruler Foods to be your Thirst Responders.

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To be clear, we are in no way comparing ourselves to FIRST responders - we all realize those folks work way harder than we do and have way more important jobs than us. We are, however, responding to your thirst, and we're doing something about it with some ice-cold beverages from our friends at RULER FOODS.

If you're selected, we'll show up at your work with a cooler full of cold drinks to help keep you cool and hydrated (hey hydration is your friend in this heat).  We'll also throw in some cool GBF swag as well! It's just a small way we can stop by your work and say "Hey! Thanks for rocking with us!" - even when things heat up.

Just drop your info in the form below, including your workplace info and if you're chosen we'll show up with a cooler full of water and sports drinks from Ruler Foods, as well as plenty of swag to go around. Feel free to nominate your business yourself or if you know someone who works hard out in the heat, nominate them. Just give us an idea of how many people are working so we know how many drinks to pack with us to make sure everyone on the job gets hydrated.


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