My friend Connie Corbett has traveled all over the world.  She runs Ambassador Travel in Evansville and is a phenomenal and incredibly well-traveled agent.  I first met Connie years ago when Jaclyn and I hosted Cruise with a DJ here at WBKR.  Connie's agency helped book all of our guests for that trip and we had an absolute blast cruising to Mexico with 200 WBKR listeners.

I love following Connie on social media because her adventures are always breathtaking.  This weekend she proved that some of the most beautiful places on Earth are right here in our own backyard.  You don't always have to set sail in the Caribbean or jet to Europe to have your breath taken away.  We have some places close to home that truly capture nature's beauty and awe.  One of those places?  Hemlock Cliffs in English, Indiana.

Connie drove up Sunday morning and took some incredible photos of the cliffs wrapped in snow and ice from our recent winter storms.

Hemlock Cliffs: Stunning Winter Photos

Hemlock Cliffs is located in English, Indiana and is part of the Hoosier National Forest and is a National Scenic Trail.  According to the official website, it features "A one-mile hiking trail (that) leads you down into the canyon under a lush canopy of large trees and past high seasonal waterfalls."  Plan on about two hours to complete the loop.

Hemlock Cliffs is situated between Highway 237 and Highway 37 about 2 miles north of Interstate 64.

I have to be honest.  I have lived in this area for much of my life and I don't think I had ever heard of Hemlock Cliffs until I saw Connie's photos over the weekend.  But now I really want to go.  Again, they're proof that some of Mother Nature's most magnificent scenery is right here in the Tristate.


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