It's still a good movie, just hear me out...

Am I complaining about a movie that came out 20 years ago? Yeah. I am. But there's a reason.

I have a list I'm working through called "Movies I Haven't Seen That People Yell At Me For Not Seeing". I'm very behind on movies. If it's not a super hero movie, I probably haven't seen it. And this creates some tension with my friends whenever I say the phrase "Oh, I haven't seen that" in a conversation.

So I'm trying to fix this by working my way down this list.

Last night I decided to watch the Craft for the first time and ALL of my friends commented that it was their favorite movie and that they loved it.

Then I watched it.

And I don't get it.

Things I Found Problematic with The Craft:

1. Sarah. Why do you want to be friends with these girls. I appreciate that you aren't listening to the rumors and bad things people around school are saying about them. But also, they haven't been nice or friendly to you. Why do you want these people to be your new friends?

2. SARAH. Why are you not questioning anything these girls do. I understand that you are a natural witch, so you're used to weird things and magic. But just blindly following 3 girls into all of these weird rituals doesn't seem safe. "Yeah, we're going to go down to the beach in the middle of the night during a lightning storm and summon a mythical god-thing." "Yeah, sure. Sounds legit and totally safe with no negative repercussions at all."

3. SARAH. HONEY. Chris lied to the whole school and told them you slept with him and you STILL want him to like you? So much so that you put a spell on him to like you? GIRL. There are better fish in the sea. Way better than "I've banged every girl in school, or at least lied about it" Chris.

4. Bonnie, I understand your skin condition. But having your scars go away didn't magically make you hot. You know what did? You taking a freaking shower. Seriously. Clean up that greasy hair and you're good to go. You're Neve Campbell in the 90's for cripesake. You've got this.

5. I forgot Sarah had parents for practically the whole movie. He dad and step-mom are never there. They just show up for 5 seconds in the beginning and then you don't hear about them again until they "die". I know that scene is supposed to be a "Gasp! I can't believe they did that!" moment. But all I thought was "...Oh, yeah. Sarah has a dad..."

6. HOW did Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle even become friends? Nancy isn't the easiest person to get along with. She's actually the worst. I don't understand how this friendship started... Bonnie and Rochelle I can believe. Adding Nancy into that equation baffles me.

So, I'm sorry to everyone that really wanted me to like this movie. It's good. I'm glad you enjoy it. I understand the appeal. But I couldn't stop yelling "What is WRONG with you??" at my screen to fully enjoy it.

I mean the trailer looks awesome. So I understand the hype for when it first came out. But now? It's just not for me. Maybe I just missed my window of liking it by 20 years.

Turns out this list really IS going to end some friendships.

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