This past weekend I drove a few hours north to Indianapolis to go to Indiana Comic Con. If you didn't go, here's a few things you missed out on...


Comic Cons are a bit like a nerd vacation. Except normal vacations usually include relaxing. There's not really a lot of time for relaxing at comic conventions. Fun? Oh, hell yes. Relaxing? Eh...not so much.


Here's why Indiana Comic Con was SUPER AWESOME yet SUPER EXHAUSTING for me.


First, like any 'vacation', you have to plan ahead. Pack your necessary items, make sure you have your tickets, money, cosplay attire, get directions ready, charge your phone, and download those celebrity schedules! Conventions post celebrity schedules so you know when WHO is going to be WHERE doing WHAT. Sometimes they're signing autographs, or doing photo-ops, a panel, or just eating lunch. (Hey, celebs are human too...)


I did all of that on Friday.


On Saturday, I got my butt up at the ass-crack-o-dawn (4:30) and was on the road to Indy by 5:15am. Because the convention opened at 9am, but Indy is an hour ahead...So, I had to be up before the sun.


By 9:45 I was parked and exploring the convention. Bought some comic books from some vendors. Then I got in line for the Khary Payton pannel.


Khary Payton, for those of you that don't know, is the voice of Cyborg on Teen Titans and now Teen Titans GO! Oh, and he's King Ezekiel in a little show called The Walking Dead...don't know if you've heard of it....




And he didn't want to sit behind the table, he wanted to sit ON the table because he wanted to be closer to the fans. Also, a King does as he pleases...



SUPER cool guy. Also, QUITE the talker. But in a good way.


After that, we all went to get lunch at a place called "The Titled Kilt". (Just think Hooters, but Irish.) When we got back we got in line to get Khary Payton's autograph around 2pm. And we had to leave the line (which had moved about 15 feet) at 2:45 so that we could get to our photo-ops with Charlie Cox at 3. And I dressed as Jessica Jones, so I was NOT going to miss my opportunity to get my photo taken with Daredevil.


charlie cox me


At 3:30 (photo-ops go FAST) we got BACK in line to see Khary Payton. At 5:45p they made an announcement that the exhibit hall (where we were) would be closing in 15 minutes; to which Khary replied to all the people waiting in line "It's cool! It's cool! Y'all are with me! If they try to kick you out just say you're with Khary and it'll be all good."


Comic Con rules do not apply to a King. A King makes his own rules.


Also, he's genuinely the coolest guy and really just wanted to meet everyone.


We FINALLY got to meet him at 5:50 and had a 5 minute conversation about Teen Titans and how I was still reluctant to watch Teen Titans GO! because I was such a die-hard fan of the original.



Then we left the convention, got food, went back to the convention and watched a really cool acrobatics show, left the convention again, and went to a friends house we were staying at.


So...I was up at 4:30am (Did I mention I only got about 4 hours of sleep the night before?), and spent the entire day driving and standing in lines, and finally got to a bed by 11pm.


Like I said: Conventions are fun...but EXHAUSTING.



Also, I went back for an hour on Sunday so I could get this signed....


millie pop


Happy Easter to me!

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