Anytime there is a show or movie that brings my childhood back to life, I am 100% for it. Case in point: The Power Rangers.


I know nowadays there are about 50 versions of the Power Rangers (Ninja Steel, Wild Force, Samurai, Zeo, Turbo, Dino....blah, blah, blah...) But the Power Rangers I grew up with were of the Mighty Morphin' variety. Jason, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy were my Rangers, and they taught me so much.


First of all, they got me into gymnastics. I LOVED the Pink Ranger. She was THE coolest to me. I saw all the cool moves and kicks and flips she was doing and I thought "I wanna do that..." Because in my tiny child mind I thought "One day the Pink Ranger is going to have to retire and I'll have to be there to take over and kick Rita Repulsa's ass." So my parents got me enrolled in a tumble course. And I continued doing gymnastics on and off until my sophomore year of high school.


Also, I shipped my first ship with the Power Rangers.


For those that don't know, "shipping" is when you want two characters to be together. You want them to be in a relationSHIP. Hence, the term 'ship'.


And EVERYONE KNOWS that the Pink Ranger and the Green Ranger are ENDGAME. They are, and forever will be, meant to be together. Therefore, when I was a kid I...kinda...sorta...decapitated my Red Ranger....BUT I HAD A GOOD REASON! (Not really...) The only Power Rangers action figures I had were the Red, Green, and Pink Rangers. I don't know why, I just only had those three. And in my head I was like "What if the Red Ranger tries some funny business with the Pink Ranger when I'm not looking? I can't control them while I'm at pre-school, or sleeping...I must ensure the sanctity of the Tomberly (Kimberly/Tommy) romance." So I took his head off. I guess I just thought "Well, if he can't see them, he can't ruin their relationship. Problem solved!"


Admittedly I was a very strange child that grew up to be an equally strange person. I no longer decapitate action figures, but I also do not regret my actions as a child to ensure the relationship of my two favorite Rangers.


Yes, from a very early age, I was a nerd.


And I know that the movie won't be entirely 100% true to the original show...

Because, let's be honest, a LOT has changed since 1993...



(Legendary Power Rangers; Youtube)
(Legendary Power Rangers; Youtube)



(Lionsgate Movies; Youtube)
(Lionsgate Movies; Youtube)


I gotta be honest, as iconic as that 1993 Ranger look is...I am not opposed to the new 2017 look...


So as a nerd I am going to see the new Power Rangers movie on opening night (tonight) and nerd out to my childhood being on the big screen. So, if you see a brunette in a Yellow Ranger shirt completely nerding out at the movie theater tonight, it's probably me. Just leave me alone and let me have this moment.

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