Free agent QB Peyton Manning is definitely making the rounds. On my way to Nashville this afternoon I tuned to the talk radio stations and they were buzzing about Peyton Manning and the location of his plane. Curious, I kept listening. The buzz is that Manning is taking a meeting with the Titans and just about everyone, and I mean everyone in Tennessee is trying to find the plane carrying Manning to Nashville.

So I called my old news buddies here in Nashville (thanks Fox 17). Here's what I was able to find out.

Bud Adams, owner of the Titans, flew the Titans jet to Nashville from Texas this morning. He had filed a flight plan to go to Raleigh, North Carolina but he canceled that flight plan.

Manning has planned a meeting with Mike Munchak, Titans coach and a friend of Manning's father. They also appear to be stacking the deck by also courting longtime Manning buddy free agent guard Steve Hutchinson.

In the meantime, Manning's plane is still eluding Tennesseans, and Hoosiers, alike.

If he meets with the Titans in Tennessee, my Tennessee news guys will let us know!

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