These days you pretty much need internet access to do anything, so it's important that free public wifi zones are popping up across Evansville.

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Internet Access is Important

For many of us, we use the internet every day. It's where we connect with our friends and family, it's where we get the news, and it's where we find information.  Many students rely on the internet to access assignments and homework.  In this day and age access to the internet has become a necessity.


Pew Research Center has conducted a lot of research surrounding the internet, and as recently as 2015 they found 35% of lower-income students don't have access to broadband internet.

The disparity in online access is also apparent in what has been called the “homework gap” – the gap between school-age children who have access to high-speed internet at home and those who don’t. In 2015, 35% of lower-income households with school-age children did not have a broadband internet connection at home, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

Teenage Boy Studying Using Digital Tablet At Home

Evansville is Working to Bridge The Internet Gap

With access to the internet being more important than ever, Evansville has had free wifi zones starting to pop up, to help bring broadband internet access to more people.  Young & Established recently took to Facebook to announce that they are a free public wifi zone as well stating:

Since announcing that the Y&E Center would offer free public wifi 24/7, records show that our location had the highest usage. We had nearly 1,200 non-unique users in July.
This is big! It goes to show how big of an impact we’ve been able to have in the area! #YoungandEstablished
Just 1,200 users in one month alone using a fee public wifi zone goes to show you just how important these resources are in the community to many people.
Victim of Cyber Bullying

Free Wifi Zones Around Evansville

A free public wifi zone is where you can bring your computer, tablet, or smartphone and access the internet for free and it isn't password protected.   The wifi is open for anyone who needs it to use.  Here are the free wifi zones around Evansville:

  • Young & Established
  • Dream Center Evansville
  • Culver Family Learning Center
  • Memorial Baptist Church
  • Bread of Life Church

Feel free to take advantage of these free wifi zones anytime you need!


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