The last "ship-by" date is fast approaching!

There are many ways to send a package nowadays. (And they're all available at

My preferred way is to get a flat rate box from your local USPS location (which you don't usually have to wait in line for) and then take it home, fill it up, and then schedule a free package pick-up from your home or office. Because I already left my house once to get the box. I'm not going back out again to stand in line holding a heavy box for lord knows how long.

But whatever way you like to ship out your packages USPS has recommended ship-by dates to ensure that your gifts get to their intended location in time for Christmas.


Dec. 14th with Ground Retail

Dec. 19th with First-Class Mail.

Dec. 20th with Priority Mail Service

Dec. 22nd with Priority Mail Express Service


*Side note: USPS also has an Informed Delivery service that sends an e-mail to your phone to let you know what's arriving in your mailbox and when. It helps to know when packages will arrive so you can plan whether or not you'll be home in time to get it off your porch or if you want one of your neighbors to hold the package for you.

So finish that shopping and get those packages out soon!





Ashley Sollars

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