"Once a raccoon house, always a raccoon house". That's what the expert told us a few years ago after he removed a raccoon from our attic. He said that once a raccoon has made a nest somewhere, they will always find a way to get back in. Ok, sure dude...I'm just going to give my house to the raccoons. 6 years later, I'm about to just let them have it!

Actual Raccoon on Top of Our House


They Really Are Bandits

In our latest quest to rehome the family of raccoons that think they should live in our attic rent-free, they are literally outsmarting the traps. I'm serious. We have placed bread, marshmallows, a brightly colored golf ball, even a can of cat food in the outdoor trap. Every morning the snacks are gone, the trap door is shut, and it is empty!


Trash Pandas

Not only are they sneaky and devilish...What other animal can remove bricks and tear parts of your house apart to get back in? They are also super picky when it comes to eating our trash! They will finish off a rotisserie chicken and leave the carcass on top of the trash can lid. Our raccoons don't care for raw chicken. They just toss that out of the trash can. We have found half-eaten slices of old pizza, with the box on top of our cans, like they are ready for a refill.

That One Time We Caught One. It Found its Way back Home


From the Department of Natural Resources: Fish & Wildlife Division

Resident landowners and tenants can trap a raccoon that is causing damage on their own property without a permit from the DNR. The raccoon must be euthanized or released within the county of capture on private property in which you have permission to release the raccoon. In order to prevent the spread of disease, the DNR encourages homeowners to safely and humanely euthanize the
raccoons, if possible.



Or Look for a Professional

On their website, Evansville Wildlife Animal Control says they can help with our raccoon problems. Looking over the price list, we are looking at the $500 + range. Is this when I start a GoFundMe?

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[Source: Indiana DNR]

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