A bald eagle found in Indiana is being treated by a wildlife sanctuary after the bird tested positive for lead toxicity.

Wildlife Rehab Center Caring for Bald Eagle Found In Indiana

Humane Indiana Wildlife Rehabilitation Center located in Valparaiso, Indiana says that a bald eagle has come into its care and it has been determined that the raptor is suffering from lead toxicity.

Bald Eagle Was Captured By Indiana DNR Conservation Officer

The wildlife rehab center says the eagle was found about an hour southeast of Valparaiso in Culver, Indiana. It was here that the bird was seen sitting on a deer carcass where it had been for three days. While the eagle was distracted, a conservation officer with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources was able to capture and contain it.

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Elevated Levels of Lead Found in Indiana Bald Eagle

Once the eagle arrived at Humane Indiana Wildlife, it underwent a thorough exam. While there was no evidence of broken bones or physical trauma, the bird exhibited stiffness and limited wing mobility. A blood test performed showed elevated lead levels in the blood of the eagle, and the overall condition of the bird indicated that it was both dehydrated and malnourished. Rescuers believe that the eagle was not adequately feeding itself despite having been found perched upon a food source.

attachment-Humane Indiana Wildlife via Facebook
Humane Indiana Wildlife via Facebook

Chelation Treatment Has Begun for Bald Eagle Found in Culver, Indiana

To bring the eagle back to a state of good health, the wildlife rescue center has begun a treatment known as chelation, a process that is used to remove heavy metals like lead and mercury from the bloodstream. In addition to the chelation treatment, inflammatory medications are being administered. Once the rescue feels the eagle is healthy enough to endure sedation, x-rays will be performed.

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Long Road to Recovery for Eagle at Humane Indiana Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

They say that the road to recovery for the bald eagle is going to be long, but the rescue is hopeful that the bird will make a full recovery. They are asking for the support of the public to help offset the cost of not only the care for this bald eagle but also to allow them to continue caring for wildlife in need in the Hoosier State. Visit HumaneIndiana.org to make your donation.

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