Did you know that there is a place in Indiana that provides a sanctuary for big cats and you can take a tour?

A Permanent Home

Located on 260 acres in Central Indiana is a big cat rescue that provides a permanent home to exotic felines. The Exotic Feline Rescue Center, located in Center Point, Indiana cares for large, exotic cats that have been neglected, abused, or abandoned, giving the cats a safe place to live out their days. The rescue has a team of employees and volunteers who provide daily care for these animals.

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The Cats in Their Care

According to its website, the Exotic Feline Rescue Center is home to 90 large and exotic cats including Aileen and Chief - a brother and sister pair of tigers that have been with the rescue since Christmas Eve of 2018. The rescue is home to tigers, lions, bobcats, cougars, leopards, servals, and more. There are only a small number of sanctuaries in the United States that provide the services and care that are given at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center.

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No Public Contact

Unlike what you may have seen on television with other cat rescues, the Exotic Feline Rescue Center does not allow public contact with the animals in their care. So don't expect to do any petting when you visit. They do, however, offer guided tours of their facilities to educate the public about the cats.

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Take a Tour

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center has taken in cats from 24 different states and they provide day-to-day care including feeding, veterinary care, social enrichment, and more. The facility offers tours daily. Your guided walk through the sanctuary will allow you to learn more about these beautiful creatures. Tours last about an hour and the cost is just $10 per adult and $5 per child.

Since our founding in the early 1990’s, the EFRC has served as a rescue center and forever home to many exotic felines that have been abused, unwanted, or neglected. The Exotic Feline Rescue Center has grown from its humble beginnings with only three exotic felines to today caring for over 100 cats and foxes, representing over ten different species, and from 15 acres to over 200 total acreage.
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Get Involved

Want to do more than just take a tour? How about volunteering? While volunteers do not get to have direct access to the animals, there are several different volunteer opportunities available that help with the care of these animals.

We are dependent on the service of interested, capable, and reliable volunteers to help us with the daily tours that help us take care of the many exotic cats here at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center.

If you prefer to give in other ways, you can join their Patreon for just $5 per month to see photos of their cats. There are other options for donating as well including shopping their Amazon wishlist, Kroger Rewards Program, and even direct donations via check.

Getting There

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center is located at 2221 E. Ashboro Road in
Center Point, Indiana.

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