The remnants of Hurricane Issac are expected to come through the Tri-state area. Jim Cantore (you know him from the Weather Channel) may have discovered the perfect position to take during a hurricane.

Cantore was (yet again) reporting outside while Hurricane Issac hit the Gulf Coast this week. Doing what no sane individual would, Cantore was almost blown down by the wind.

Call it divine intervention, but suddenly Cantore was able to keep his balance by 'tebowing'. This could have discovered a new 'storm-reporting' technique so that one doesn't 'Roker'.

Maybe they're insane, but I have to give major props to the crew. Imagine trying to keep a camera steady in 75 m.p.h. winds.

While some say that Cantore may have discovered how to put a real purpose to tebowing, I will disagree.

After a day on the river back in August, I discovered that the pose was the perfect thing to do when getting sick. We'll just say I was getting my 'land-legs' back.