Videos are surfacing of Chris Cornell's last concert on Wednesday night and spreading like wildfire since his passing. Watch parts of his last show here.


When someone passes away, especially someone that meant so much to so many people, I never know what to say. So, I just try to keep it honest. I don't have any "Rest in peace" comments or "He's in a better place" type of words. All I have to say is that this sucks ass, man.


But, thanks to technology, we have the opportunity to relive Chris' last performance over and over again. And that might not seem like a big thing today, but think of it this way: Imagine that when Elvis died, all of a sudden, less than 24 hours after his death, everyone had video access to his last concert. That'd be crazy, right? People would have paid tons of money to get their hands on something like that. And here we are, watching Chris Cornell's last hours of rock for free. That's pretty amazing.


So here's Chris doing what he did best: Rockin' out on his last night on Earth.
















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