Nothing says Christmas like rocking out to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I mean really? Is there anything more Rock-n-Roll Christmas than blasting Wizards in Winter or their ever electrifying Christmas Eve/Sarejevo? Yeah. We don't think so either. The band's music is some of the most often used for synced Christmas light displays and borders on hypnotic with the intricate melodies and driving riffs.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be hosting a 90-minute live stream concert this Friday night and you can watch them perform from "Christmas Eve and Other Stories," live from the comfort of your own home! The livestream has actually sold more tickets than any other livestream event in 2020. Not only will the livestream include the full album, plus LASERS but also a pre-show event behind the scenes footage and interviews. You can purchase tickets for the livestream here for $30 or you can scroll down, download our free GBF mobile app and then enter for your chance to win one of our access codes so you can watch Trans-Siberian Orchestra (and their lasers!) from the comfort of your own home!

The livestream takes place this Friday, December 18, 2020 beginning at 7pm CST. All of the details can be found here. In the meantime, enjoy some Christmas Eve/Sarejevo and then sign up for your chance to win!

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