Kentucky State Police Trooper Purdy shared a video with a very important reminder after he was rear ended by a distracted driver. 

Getty Images/iStockphoto

*Photo above is not the car involved in the accident*

Today on Twitter KSP Trooper Purdy posted a video sharing an important reminder to not look at your phone while driving. He was on his way to work, he wasn't in uniform or anything, and was in an accident due to a driver checking his phone and not noticing the car in front of him (Trooper Purdy's car) had slowed down.

Thankfully there were no injuries and it was a minor accident, but the man immediately apologized and said he just went to check his phone for a second and rear ended Trooper Purdy.  While this was luckily a very minor accident and both men will go on about their days after, Trooper Purdy wanted to share a reminder that it could have been much worse.  When you take your eyes off the road even for a second, you have no time to react when traffic slows or stops.

I'm glad both Trooper Purdy and the man who rear ended him are both okay, but this is definitely an important reminder. Put your phone down, buckle up, and pay attention when you're driving.  It's just not worth putting yourself and others at risk.

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