This surprise ball said it was for "children and adults". Luckily, I am both of those things.

I stopped by River City Coffee + Goods on my lunch break the other day because I am an Evansville failure. You see, I've never been to River City on Main Street. I've lived in Evansville my whole life AND our building is RIGHT NEXT DOOR...But I've never been inside.

So on my lunch break I thought "This is a thing that can easily be fixed" and I went!

And out of all the cool things they have there (posters, vinyl, hand made items, t-shirts, coffee...) I got distracted by a toy. Because of course I did.

I saw these little bucket of paper balls and I thought "What is this and can I have one?" I then proceed to walk around the store throwing it up and down and catching it like a kid until I made my way to check out.

But what is in this "Surprise Ball"?

Well, let's find out!

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