Growing up, we had zero modesty in my house. Luckily, we lived way out in the country because we were ofter sitting around in our underwear. My mom was the only one of us that owned a robe. For Dad, no matter what season it was, all he needed was underwear and maybe some shorts, but that was rare.

Let’s just say, as we go older and our friends started coming over to spend the night, we learned that other people weren't as clothes free as we were. So, we started wearing clothes around the house. Even so, we still always had to remind Dad we had friends over, or he would walk out of the bedroom, in the morning, in only his tighty whiities.

So, I have no problem with nudity. My husband and I have even been to a nude beach in San Diego, CA. We hadn’t planned a visit to Black Beach as part of our vacation itinerary, but once someone suggested we go before we leave the city, we were all in. It’s a once in a lifetime thing, you know? You only live once, so why not? Nobody knew us there. LOL

I have to admit that WE were the most modest people on the beach. The other naked people seemed like they got nude often. They were VERY comfortable. So comfortable that we witnessed a whole family, yes, mom, dad, two kids plus grandma and grandpa playing frisbee, WHILE NAKED! That was a little too much for me and Q. However Quenton DID think it was funny for him to do jumping jacks on the beach. But, our kids and grandkids rental there.  Even Dad was shocked when we told him that part of our vacation story.

After my experience on the nude beach, I found this photo hilarious. It was on the Abandoned Kentucky Facebook group I belong to. Neena was looking for an abandoned house to photograph, when she found this in the middle of nowhere Allen County KY.

Neena White Jones/Facebook
Neena White Jones/Facebook

Were they headed to the nudest colony? Was/Is the Hanging Gardens Nudist Colony really a thing? I have no idea, but you have to admit, they picked the perfect name.

Thank you, Neena, for letting me share your photo.

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