Warrick County Animal Control has issued a plea after finding a pair of rabbits that had been abandoned at Scales Lake and found to be in poor health. First and foremost, Warrick County Animal control needs supplies. They typically deal with abandoned and stray dogs and cats so taking in a pair of rabbits is not in their normal day to day care regimen. These rabbits have not been properly cared for as you can see in the photo below. Rabbits have teeth that continue to grow much like a humans fingernails. Proper care has to be taken in order for their teeth to stay "trimmed." Typically, a proper diet will ensure that a rabbit's teeth stay short and manageable. Due to the neglect, the bunny pictured would have surely died if left on it's own in the wild for long as it could not eat in the state that it was in.

It should be noted that it is illegal to dump or otherwise abandon an animal. If you have any information about who these bunnies may have belonged to prior to being left alone at Scales Lake, please contact Warrick County Animal Control at (812) 897-6107. You can also contact WCAC if you'd like to make a donation of supplies.

WCAC will hold the bunnies for the standard 6 day stray hold and then they will be available for adoption. You can make these bunnies a part of your home for a $55 adoption fee that includes the rabbit being neutered.



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