If you are going to a job fair, it would be very smart to bring a resume!

In some cases, a resume can be a potential employer's first impression of you. At the Community Job Fair, you have the added advantage of speaking to potential employers face-to-face as well but supplementing your initial contact with a professional-looking resume will help you get your foot in the door.

Here are some resources and tips to use in building your outstanding resume!

Microsoft Office Resume Templates

Microsoft walks you through building a resume - from your contact info to your education and experience, it couldn't be easier and the end result looks great!

Be Truthful

If you say that you've worked as a magician's assistant and have been sawed in half, it better be true! Even if you land the job, you can later be fired for falsifying info on your resume or application.

Have the Grammar Police Give Your Resume a Strip Search

Have an annoying aunt that corrects everything you say? Call her up and have her read over your resume. Personally, when I receive a resume that contains spelling or grammatical errors, it goes in the trash. There's also a free plug-in you can download called Grammarly that will help you proofread and show you the correct grammar to use in everything you type - even on Facebook! Yes, please.

Tailor Your Resume for Each Individual Company (or Job) If You Can

When I receive an email that says, "I want to be a writer," it basically says, "I'm going to use your company as a stepping-stone to get to where I want to be." Be specific to the company! If someone talks about radio, music, or entertainment, I'm more likely to take notice!

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