Seven years in, The Walking Dead was bound to conflict with fan-favorites taking other work. AMC’s horror smash usually takes precedence, but according to recent reports, at least three Walking Dead favorites will have reduced roles in Season 8.

You’re warned of potential Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers from here on out, as well to keep in mind that Steven Ogg, Katelyn Nacon and Pollyanna McIntosh have been elevated to Season 8 regulars in their roles as Negan’s man Simon, Alexandria survivor Enid and garbage leader Jadis. That said, fans can’t help but notice that several major players have taken on additional gigs, possibly limiting their appearances in Season 8.

For one, there’s Danai Gurira taking part in both Marvel’s Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, the latter of which will likely see Michonne taking a few episodes off from The Walking Dead Season 8. Michonne was injured in the Season 7 finale, as was Rosita (Christian Serratos), who joins Sonequa Martin-Green and Alanna Masterson in a real-life pregnancy that likely limits their time on the show. For her part, Serratos gave birth in May.

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Additionally, Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has reportedly been absent from The Walking Dead Season 8 since its May shoot, owing to his role in Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage film. The above promotions may well serve to cover Negan’s sparse presence, though the eighth season is very much said to span the “All-Out War” of the comics.

We’ll see what else The Walking Dead Season 8 has in store (or doesn’t) in the coming weeks, but is the AMC drama about to bleed talent?

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