Todd Schimmell is a pretty special guy. The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Deputy has been a school resource officer for years, which says a lot in my book. There's no way I would have the patience to do what he does every day, but Todd has a big heart for young people. He demonstrates that in his writing too. Oh, yeah, he is a published writer too. He's a poet, and he knows it.

We had Deputy Schimmell on the MY Morning Show earlier this year to talk about his book of poetry called Nursery Rhymes for Humanity, which is available to purchase on Amazon. I encourage you to listen to our interview with Todd about what inspired him to write this book.

Now Deputy Schimmell is sharing a new poem with us - it's a poem for hope at a time when so many people are filled with anger, fear, confusion and uncertainty. Thanks, Todd, for being brave enough to share what's on your heart in this unique way! One of the things Deputy Schimmell wrote that really stuck with was not even in the poem, but in the status - and that's "Not us vs. them...Only us."

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If 2020 Were A Person

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