Update at 7:55 AM:


from Keith Todd, KY Transportation Cabinet

Update at 7:55 AM

The crash on US 41 near the 19mm at the Wolf Hills Road intersection that included one of our salt trucks has cleared.  This should mean traffic is or will be moving again on the US 41 Twin Bridges between Henderson and Evansville.

Traffic snarls in the Henderson area, especially along the US 41 North Strip at Henderson, have severely hampered the ability to spread salt on icy highways.

Salt trucks have made their way across the US 41 Twin Bridges. However, motorists should continue to use extreme caution as icy conditions are likely to continue until temps rise above freezing long enough to thaw things out.

Caution, caution, caution.


In addition to issues on the US 41 Twin Bridges and at the Audubon Parkway/US41 Interchange at Henderson, we also have a traffic backup at the KY 425 Henderson Bypass Interchange with I-69 and US 41.  Ice on ramps at the interchange has created a snarl at this location.

We have a report of a 5-vehicle pile up along KY 630 near the Hopkins-Webster County Line.

Traffic backups and crashes have severely hampered salt trucks in efforts to make their rounds.



7:25 AM: Both the northbound and southbound lanes of the US 41 Twin Bridges between Henderson and Evansville are blocked at this time. There are reports of several crashes due to icy conditions, including a KYTC salt truck that is off the road. Additional trucks have been dispatched to the bridges, but traffic snarls are hampering efforts to spread salt in the area.

Both the on and off ramps at the Audubon Parkway/US 41 Interchange at Henderson are blocked at this time. Traffic snarls are also hampering efforts to get a salt truck into that area.

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