Good News Update:

We were able to raise $100 for Youth Resources! That brings our local charity donations to $930 in 3 months! Thank you all so much!

I was going to stop delivering locally but figured I would try one more month after hearing the sad news that Guns N Hoses was canceled this year.

Nursery Rhymes For Humanity is still available on Kindle and Amazon but I'm able to donate some of the proceeds of copies I personally sign and deliver. I will donate $3 of every $13 copy I deliver in July to 911 Gives Hope.


Todd Schimmell is a Deputy Sheriff and School Resource Officer with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office. He can also now say that he is a published author. Anyone who knows Todd, knows how kind he is and how big his heart is, so it comes as no surprise that he wrote a book like this. Like the name suggests, Nursery Rhymes for Humanity is a book for all us, and contains important messages about human connection, presented in the form of nursery rhymes.

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 We had the chance to talk to Deputy Schimmell on the MY Morning Show. We were curious about where he found the time - in addition to being a husband, father and law enforcement officer - to write a friggin' book. We asked him about his inspiration and if we could expect anymore books in the future. Check out our interview below for answers to those questions, and how to raise money for charity when you purchase a copy of his book.

Nursery Rhymes for Humanity is available in paperback on Amazon for just $12.95. You can also purchase it directly from Todd who will (safely) deliver it to you. Todd will also donate a portion of the proceeds from each local purchase to a different charity each month.


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