When they could be out there, working on flying cars or curing cancer, Scientists have only given us another disappointment.

In a new paper, that can be found in the journal Nature Chemical Biology, Professor Li Zhang and a group of American Scientists declared that they are working on a form of marijuana that would omit a major side effect.

The scientists had good intentions, they wanted to isolate tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the plant in order to use it as a painkiller. As you probably know, a few states have made medical marijuana legal and available to people suffering from some ailment. The scientists hoped to get all the effects of smoking marijuana without that pesky 'high' side effect.

In an interview with Dr. Zhang, The Week magazine asked this mad scientist about his intentions. Is he just trying to ruin college for everyone?

"Scientists have known for years that THC bonds with a certain receptor to produce the classic disorienting marijuana high. But now researchers have identified precisely where THC targets the nervous system to lessen anxiety and dull pain. Hence, the potential to satisfy medical marijuana's desire for pure pain relief."

Zhang also says that isolating THC for pills, could appeal to patients who can't handle smoking. Or as I like to call them, lightweights.

"people whose stomachs are too tender for aspirin or ibuprofin may be swallowing THC pills to get rid of headaches."

So its seems that when beg for better spaceships or hoverboards, scientists will just flip us off and give us what we don't want. Like mutated sharks and prostate exams. Thanks science.

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