Can you imagine going through this coronavirus quarantine a decade ago? It would, undoubtedly, be so much worse, right? Not only were there way fewer streaming options available to entertain us, but the food delivery landscape looked completely different. How in the world did we survive before services like Uber Eats?

The fact that we can have food from just about any restaurant delivered right to our home is a game-changer. In fact, these services are a big reason why so many restaurants are able to stay open during the quarantine.

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Ever wonder what are people ordering these days...what the most popular quarantine foods are? Uber Eats put together a list of the most-ordered foods from each state. So, what is it for the Tri-State?

  • Indiana - waffle fries
  • Kentucky - Pad Thai
  • Illinois - french fries

Here's what the rest of the country is ordering the most...

  • Arizona: French fries
  • California: Chicken tikka masala
  • Colorado: Carne asada fries
  • Connecticut: Burrito bowl
  • Florida: French fries
  • Georgia: Pad Thai
  • Hawaii: BBQ mixed plate
  • Iowa: Large poké bowl
  • Louisiana: Chips with queso
  • Maine: Cheese pazzo bread
  • Maryland: Egg, bacon and cheese
  • Massachusetts: Burrito
  • Michigan: Pad Thai
  • Minnesota: Garlic naan
  • Missouri: Crab Rangoon
  • Montana: Enchiladas
  • Nevada: Chicken teriyaki bowl
  • New Jersey: Chicken sandwich
  • New York: Jerk chicken
  • North Carolina: Nachos
  • Ohio: Notso fries
  • Oklahoma: Spicy tuna roll
  • Oregon: Fried chicken
  • Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak
  • Rhode Island: Hot dog
  • South Carolina: French fries
  • Tennessee: Pad Thai
  • Texas: Pad Thai
  • Utah: Carne asada fries
  • Virginia: French fries
  • Washington: French fries
  • Wisconsin: Crab Rangoon

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