It's literally a daily dilemma; What are we eating? In a series of commercials for Uber Eats, Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart attempt to settle the 'What's for dinner' debate. The one thing they do agree on, is that you should have your food delivered by Uber Eats.

Now, fans of both Star Wars and Star Trek are having a moment. In the science fiction world, it's widely believed that you are either a 'Trekkie' or a 'Star Wars' fan. Even though Mark Hamill has given us permission to be fans of both franchises, we still tend to like one more than the other.

Will we ever see a Star Wars / Star Trek crossover event? Both Hamill and Stewart seem to be okay with the idea.

"I also believe Luke is a lifelong student, despite the fact he becomes a Jedi Master, and I think he would have a lot to learn from Picard." ~ Mark Hamill


"I would think that Picard would want Skywalker on his crew, but would be sure to keep a careful eye on him."~ Patrick Stewart

While we wait for an epic showdown on the big screen (Maybe someday) let's enjoy these 'Tonight I'll Be Eating...' commercials.

I haven't seen this one on TV yet, so thank you Youtube.

Fun Fact: The player that goes first in Connect 4 could win every time, with the right strategy.

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