Breaking News in Evansville is usually a meth lab being busted or "quadruple doppler" picking up a funnel cloud. Its nothing like the excitement Los Angeles residents get when their favorite programs get interrupted. 

I spent an entire week in LA and I saw two police chases on TV. For this Southern Indiana dude, my schedule is put on hold when a good police chase is on TV. Its probably why I didn't get anything done when World's Wildest Police Chases was still on the air.

One YouTube user must share my "problem". Two nights ago Jason Lee was filming a police chase that he was watching on TV.

The suspect had been on the run for a while, basically making a racetrack out of the neighborhoods around the Los Angeles International Airport.

The officers described the subject as a 'boy', and as he drove he kept the window rolled down and flashed gang signs. I'm assuming they were hand signs and not poster board.

The filming continues when suddenly the sirens became louder, and the chase came right in to the neighborhood. It was either that, or I'm really under estimating the technology behind 3D television.

The chase was finally ended after the suspect ran over a spike strip set by officers. The chase lasted nearly two hours.

(NBC 4)