Sure its a little mean-spirited, but those pretentious Starbucks fanboys have had it coming for awhile. Do you really think there is a difference between Starbucks and regular coffee? Turns out most people don't. 

Jimmy Kimmel had his staff set up a "taste test" to see if people could spot a difference between regular coffee, and Starbucks new $7-per-cup blend. However, they weren't stupid enough to pay $7 for coffee.

The results were hilarious. With the exception of one person, everyone that was interviewed tried their best to explain why one cup of coffee tasted better than the other (remember its the same coffee in both cups).

I assume the guy at the end is the sort of person who turns away in disgust when a server offers Mr. Pibb in the place of Dr. Pepper.

It totally serves the Starbucks fanboys right. I can buy an ENTIRE POUND of ground coffee for $7, and I get to avoid the glares from the laptop carrying "writers" crowded in the store (because we all know you really can't write something unless other people see you writing).

I can't tell the difference between Folgers and Starbucks, except the fact that I can order the size I want in plain English. What in the hell does "venti" stand for anyway?

Check out the "experiment" before and tell me what you think? Starbucks coffee or stick to the home brewed stuff?