Are you a fan of true crime?  Do you like craft brews?  This is the book club for you! 

Maxim Kulemza

In the last few years there's really been a drastic increase in interest in the true crime genre. Between podcasts (shoutout to my fellow Murderinos!) , tv shows, and books, true crime is a genre that has really grown in the last few years. If you've been a fan of true crime and have always wanted to meet like minded people, this is a book club you won't want to miss.

It's hosted by Evansville Public Libraries, and Myriad Brewing Co. It's called True Crime on Tap. Each month they'll have a different book they're discussing so you can meet up, enjoy a craft brew, and discuss true crime!

The first True Crime on Tap is taking place on September 10th from 6:30-7:30 PM.  The book is  In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

Here's the schedule of books they'll be discussing:

  • September 10thIn Cold Blood by Truman Capote
  • October 8th - I'll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara
  • November 12th - The Killer Across the Table by John E. Douglas & Mark Olshaker
  • December 10thThe Trial of Lizzie Borden by Cara Robertson

Sidenote if you're a true crime fan, but you can't make it to the book club, I highly recommend I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michalle McNamara, it's a look into the Golden State Killer case, and it's fascinating!

You can stay up to date with True Crime on Tap, by following the event page on facebook, here!