In a world where we often hear negativity regarding police, it is always wonderfully refreshing to see a heartwarming and uplifting story, especially when it's right here in our own community.

According to a post made to Facebook, Jenni Flikke had an experience that she and her two children will likely never forget. Jenni goes into quite a bit of detail explaining how after pulling up to a stop light, she spotted a Ford "Explorer" belonging to the Evansville Police Department. Her children waved at the officer and he took notice, rolling down his window and asking Jenni to pull over to a nearby gas station. We can only imagine what was going through her mind. I mean generally, when you're asked to pull over, it means you're in some kind of trouble.

When Jenni and her children pulled into the gas station, the Evansville Police Officer, who she identified as Officer Phil Luecke, pulled up, exited his vehicle and went around to the back. What happened next left Jenni "SPEACHLESS and BEYOND BLESSED AND THANKFUL..." Officer Luecke had retrieved toys for Jenni's children. She explained in the post that her oldest had recently become fascinated with skateboarding, making Officer Luecke's gift that much more serendipitous,

God has worked his magic through you, and my oldest, Elijah (5), said he was so happy he could cry. As he plays on his new Morf board and asks me when we can make it to his first trip to the skate park! You may not have known he just recently become obsessed with skateboarding games, and asked me to get him one, but God did, and he worked his blessing through you today. You’re not only a police man, you are one of Gods soldiers, a great man, a great officer, a great leader, and maybe only meeting you for a brief 10 minutes you’ve surely impacted our lives forever.

Officer Luecke also gifted Jenni's younger child with a remote control Iron Man car and he even had batteries for the new toys too. She explains,

Kaidyn doesn’t get excited for stuff and doesn’t respond to strangers or people very well but he reached out for you and told you in sign thank you! He is so excited about his toy as well! You’ve done a wonderful amazing thing

This is truly a wonderful story and one that Jenni and her children will not soon forget. It's also a wonderful reminder that our EPD are some of the best.


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