We all know those "stories" about the Tri-State. The ones that you heard from a friend of a friend whose cousin swears her ex-boyfriend's twin sister was there! Well, here are some of the best Urban Legends here in the Tri-State!

1. The Green Clawed Beast - This story dates back to August of 1955 in the Ohio River near downtown Evansville. Here is what went down according to Cryptopia.us:

"On August 21, 1955, Mrs. Darwin Johnson had a terrifying encounter with what she claimed was a hideous creature beneath the surface of the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana. While enjoying a leisurely swim with a friend — one Mrs. Chris Lamble — Mrs. Johnson claims that she was suddenly clutched around the knee by a large, hairy, claw-like hand.

Only 15-feet from shore, Mrs. Johnson struggled to disengage herself and head for safety. Mrs. Lamble could only stare in horror as her distraught friend was yanked beneath the surface of the river. Miraculously, Mrs. Johnson managed to kick her leg free, but almost instantly she was seized again, this time from behind.

Mrs. Lamble’s shrieks echoed down the shoreline as she helplessly watched her friend being pulled below the river’s murky surface once again. After resurfacing a second time, Mrs. Johnson lunged for Mrs. Lamble’s inner tube and the splash of her impact apparently scared her beastly assailant away.

Once back on shore, Mrs. Johnson was treated for multiple contusions on her leg, at which point it was discovered that she bore a green, palm-print shaped stain. The stain could not be removed for several days."

This tale was only told once and the creature hasn't been seen since...so what is this Green Clawed Beast?


2. Johnny The Ghost - According to Kentuckyfarmhouse.com...The Owensboro High School is haunted: "A boy fell to his death in the elevator while chasing his blocks and to this day you if you stand in front of the elevator and ask “Johnny are you playing with your blocks?” You will hear blocks moving in response."


3. The Grey Lady Ghost - The Willard Library has their own website and cameras dedicated to the Grey Lady! Here is her story; "Some say it's Louise Carpenter, daughter of the library's founder, Willard Carpenter. While Willard provided for his family upon his death, Louise was very unhappy when he left most of his estate to the new library. She sued and lost. Perhaps, some say, Louise nurses a grudge and haunts the property to this day. Others disagree. The Grey Lady is not malevolent, as they assume Louise would be. In fact, library employees have come to see the Lady in Grey as another staff member. They know that every so often, they will see the Grey Lady."


4. Rockport Inn - Careful where you stay in Rockport, IN. According to Hauntedplaces.org, the Rockford Inn is haunted! "This inn was built in the 1850s as a private home, and was one of the first buildings in the area to have glass windows. It is rumored to have been part of the Underground Railroad; it is also rumored to have a ghost. An apparition of the wife of an owner is said to walk the halls, seen (and heard) by both guests and employees for many years."


5. River Park Center -Apparently there is a ghost of a lady in the park. Urbanlegendresurrection.tumblr.com has her story: "In 1927 a woman was on the catwalk, she jumped into the river to her death. At night on the catwalk you can see a woman in white, dripping water as she continues to walk over the edge to the river below."

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