According to Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap study, there are 19 million meals missing from families’ tables in our Tri-State area each year - 19 million empty plates! That's 19 million too many. Plus, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing an even greater need for food donations. Our friends and neighbors are out of work, and families still need to eat.

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So, we are partnering with J.E. Shekell to fill those empty plates with The Tri-State Food Bank.  The Tri-State Food Bank services 33 counties, providing emergency food to help fill the monthly meal gap for needy households. Our ask comes with a challenge, but it's a fun one to create awareness about the Empty Plates and how we can Fill Them!

Donate to The Tri-State Food Bank #FillThePlateChallenge

You can also purchase this 'Special Edition' shirt! A portion of the proceeds will go directly to The Tri-State Food Bank. Each shirt is $20 and is custom made. Hurry! Order by May 20, 2020.

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