In 2020, Feeding America estimated that 883,260 (or 1 in 8) Hoosiers struggled with hunger. Some people who have never worried about where their next meal will come from have recently faced hardships due to the pandemic and need a little assistance.

On Wednesday, those in need of food assistance can pick up a Farmers to Families Food Box from Feed Evansville on February 3, 2021, from 11 am - 5 pm at Hartke Pool by Swonder Ice Arena. The food boxes are for those who did NOT pick up a food box on Jan 31st, and who lack access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food, lack funds or resources to obtain food elsewhere.

Here's your reminder to be a good human and don't take these boxes if you don't qualify because supplies ARE limited and you could be taking a box away from someone who really needs it. Did I mention that 274,080 Hoosier children (or 1 in 6) struggle with hunger? Seriously, don't be the person who takes food from a hungry kid if you don't need it, okay?

#FeedEVV is a community organization that works alongside local feeding organizations to provide food assistance in these uncertain times. If you'd like to donate or volunteer, email them at or message them on Facebook at

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