Okay, okay...I will admit that the project is sorely needed. I have heard from several vets that the West end of the Lloyd is worse than the roads in Baghdad. I just hate seeing our town symbol, the orange construction barrel, once again gracing the Lloyd Expressway.

So today as I sat in an endless line of traffic, I thought of the many ways I would rather be spending my time. So here it is, the things in Evansville I'd rather do than sit in traffic on the Lloyd.

1) Stand outside of a dressing room, holding my girlfriend's purse, while she tries on an endless amount of clothes. Oh wait, its during Christmas time at Eastland mall.

2) Get stuck next to someone on a cross country flight. Who wants to talk about golf. Even while you're trying to politely hint to him that you are listening to your iPod.

3)Spend the entire night trying to dodge an ex at a bar. Only to run in to her and her new boyfriend. Right after getting rejected by some chick you were trying to get digits from.

4)Sit next to a teething baby. At Denny's around 5 AM in the morning. After a night of solid partying and you're entering the 'early morning headache' phase. And your 'Moon's Over My Hammy' is a little cold.

5) Have to sit through an entire episode of Jersey Shore. While an annoying 14 Year Old talks on a cell phone about whats going on. You only get to hear one side of the conversation.

6) Be on the INDOT crew working on that section of the Lloyd. Wait, I've seen those guys. Its 5 supervisors and one dude doing the work. Strike that.

And there it is. The Six Five Things I'd rather do than sit in traffic on the Lloyd. So instead of doing any of those things, I stick to my trusty friends in the sky. GPS, its 2011, its the way to go.

Until you get one, have a happy summer construction season!