This is the end of an era, it's the final days for Toys R Us in Evansville. 

Toys R Us has been around for over 70 years, and unfortunately they're closing their doors for good on Friday June 29th.  Toys R Us has already closed over 500 locations, and after this Friday the remaining 200 locations will no longer be open, including the Toys R Us in Evansville.

Pavel Losevsky

I grew up in Evansville, so any memory of Toys R Us I have is at this location.  It's a bit of a bummer because growing up Toys R Us was a treat! I remember being a kid and going into Toys R Us and just being in awe of the big displays, and there were so many toys I couldn't even wrap my head around it! Each year when the Christmas Playbook would come out, I remember I'd make my Christmas "list" by circling just about every item in the Toys R Us catalog.

I actually stopped into Toys R Us with my mom a couple weeks ago, we were looking for a baby gym (you know those mats with the toys hanging from them for babies to lay under) for my nephew, and  since the entire store was 50% off we figured we should probably start there.  Walking around the store was weird. I remember as a kid that store seemed so big and colorful! So seeing the many empty shelves, and displays all disheveled was a bit of a bummer. Also I was really hoping to score one of the new generation Tamagotchis for half off, because I'm an adult, but they were already sold out of those, so double bummer.

So if you grew up in the area like I did, and have fond memories of going to Toys R Us as a kid, you've only got until Friday to stop in, because when they close their doors Friday, they won't be opening them back up (as Toys R Us at least).



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