Prepare yourself, we are in the midst of a Totino's Pizza shortage.

Especially over the past year or two, we have heard a lot about supply shortages in the news. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been many shortages in the supply and demand chain. It started with toilet paper, then there was meat, ketchup, and soft drink shortages. Heck, even some of our favorite restaurants have been affected by shortages over the past year. Unfortunately, the shortages are continuing.

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When you think of frozen pizza, there are a lot of options. However, I will fight anyone over which one is the best. There is only one answer, and that is Totnio's Pizza. It's the perfect individual-sized pizza, it's delicious, and it is very inexpensive. That's why I was saddened and shocked to find out that there is currently a Totino's Pizza shortage.


Totino's Pizza Shortage

You might find yourself struggling to find Totino's Pizza and Pizza Rolls whenever you visit the grocery store. I know, your first instinct is to panic, because there is no appropriate substitute for either product. The makers, General Mills, is struggling to meet the demand for its refrigerated pizza and dough in the United States. This shortage not only affects Totino's Pizza and Pizza Rolls but Pillsbury Dough as well. For many, Totino's Pizza is a necessity. What will we do without having these delicious pizzas in our freezer?

General Mills has stated that service levels for refrigerated pizza and dough dropped to the 70% range. This means that you are seeing fewer products on the shelves at grocery stores. According to ABC 12,

The food giant has had a tough time meeting demand for several of its products through the pandemic, as supply chain disruptions and labor shortages curtailed normal operations.

You Could See A Price Increase In Totino's Pizza Rolls

General Mills also said that there are more factors at play for these shortages. Recently, they have had a problem sourcing ingredients. ABC 12 reports that General Mills has been tweaking recipes and sourcing from different suppliers as a result. Not only that, but General Mills says that commodity costs are rising. This means that the company has had to raise its prices for consumers, and if this shortage continues as a result of these problems, prices could rise even more.


How Long Will This Shortage Last?

According to ThrillList,

Currently, the situation over at General Mills is improving, although empty grocery store shelves may tell a different story. According to its financial report, the company expects service levels to jump to the 80% range in the current quarter. But according to Nudi, the present, albeit improved service levels, "are still quite a bit below historical levels. We've got a lot more work to do, and we'll stay very focused on that."

So while things are beginning to get a little better, it still might be hard to find that Totino's Pizza or Pizza Rolls flavor that you enjoy eating for a little while. So if you find them, you might as well stock up!

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