With spring here and summer right around the corner, all we have been able to think about around here is how delicious it is going to taste to be outside in the sunshine while enjoying a bite from our favorite food trucks!

The Food Truck Movement

Since I grew up with memories of food trucks and car shows, I was so excited when the food truck movement started to take over here in the tri-state and I know there are a lot more food offerings now than there were at any of the car shows I attended with Dad, but it got me wondering... Who has the best food truck?

attachment-Food Truck

But What ARE Our Favorite Food Trucks?

We created an online poll with an extensive list of food trucks in and around the Evansville area and let you vote for your favorites. We are excited to share the results with you and honestly, we cannot wait to give some of these a try. Scroll through to see the Top 10 Food Trucks in the Tristate, as you voted for them. [See the actual poll results below]

The Votes Are In

With nearly 4,000 total votes, we have found the ten best food trucks in the Tristate, according to your votes!

10. Zia Smoke BBQ LLC (Fort Branch, IN)

9. Bee Original Dawgs LLC (Richland City, IN)

8. Uncle Ted's Just Dang Good Food (Mt. Vernon, IN)

7. Rock-A-Burger Food Truck (Evansville, IN)

6. The Fine Swine Catering and Food Truck (Evansville, IN)

5. Two Farmers Burgers and Beignets (Mt. Carmel, IL)

4. Trappin' Chicken (Kentucky)

3. Loaded FRY SHACK (Evansville, IN)

2. Jus Burgers (Madisonville, KY)

1. Let's Get Fried Food Truck (Madisonville, KY)


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