It's that time of year again! Time to watch some spooky shows!


5. Ghost Adventures
Saturdays 6p-3am, Travel Channel
New Episodes at 8p

I don't actually like this show. It's really one of those shows I love to hate. It's one of those shows that I just watch so I can yell at the tv and hope that one day they'll hear my color commentary.

They're a little over-dramatic at times. And they aren't exactly safe 100% of the time when it comes to investigating. Yes, they have a medic on stand-by. But any ghost hunting team knows that when you do an investigation, the #1 rule is "Don't go anywhere by yourself." Mainly for safety reasons. If anything were to happen to you, someone else needs to be there to get help. Some haunted places aren't exactly the most stable and safe of locations.

And, I will admit, that when they send a single person into a location, there are cameras set up watching them, and there is a person at a secondary location watching those cameras in case something happens to them. Sometimes.

But other times these doofuses literally lock people up in a room, alone, by themselves, with only a hand held camera, WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT, and then LEAVE THE PREMISES FOR HOURS. They actually put a giant board over a door once and drilled it closed while the person on the other side was yelling at them that he did NOT want to do that and begging them to let him out.

I am a Momma Bear and that CONCERNS ME.

But damn it if I'm not watching this show every Saturday on the Travel Channel, because despite me being annoyed by these guys, sometimes they do find some good paranormal evidence.


4. Kindred Spirits
Fridays 8p, TLC

I like this show because it doesn't center around "Let's go to this super haunted place and try to get as much evidence as possible so everyone thinks we're cool!" Amy and Adam actually try to help out families that live in haunted houses, or have spirits atached to their family (yeah, that's a thing). They do research and they try to get to the bottom of things to help these families out so that they don't have to live in fear anymore.

They're trying to help the living AND the dead. Like a ghostly murder mystery.


3. Destination Truth
Fridays 8p, Travel Channel

Now, this show isn't actually centered around ghosts. It's centered around myths, folklore, supernatural creatures, and unexplained things from all over the world. They take these stories and try to find the "truth" behind them. Get it?

But some of those "unexplained" things just so happen to be hauntings.


2. Ghost Brothers
Destination America (not currently on)

This is one of my new favorite shows.

Think back to allllll the ghost shows you've ever seen. Have you ever seen a black man in a ghost show? I haven't. UNTIL NOW. AND IT IS THE BEST.

Not only is it an actual 'ghost hunting' show, but they talk to the ghosts like they're actual people and have real conversations with them. Because ghosts used to be people too! They probably get tired of people coming in to their house and asking them the same questions over and over again "What's your name?" "How did you die?" "Do you know the family that lives here now?"

The Ghost Brothers keep it real with questions like "Hey, do you think Dalen is attractive?" Or coming to the realization that they probably aren't getting responses from ghosts because it's past their bed time. "Her hair wrapped. She done took her bra off. She got her muu muu on. She got a cigarette..."

Season 2 aired earlier this summer and I hope to god it gets a season 3 because it is THE BEST.


1. Ghost Hunters
(RIP 2004-2016)

Ghost Hunters will always hold a special place in my heart. It was one of the first ghost hunting shows I ever watched and I loved it because they didn't take everything at face value. They didn't hear a noise and immediately freak out and say it was a ghost. They really tried to debunk all evidence they had. And at the end of the day, if they couldn't debunk it, they would consider it real evidence.

They were professional, not over the top, and they really felt like a family when you watched them. A weird "Roto-Rooters by day/ghost hunters at night" family. It still makes me sad knowing that this show isn't on the air anymore.

Some people say that this show fakes some of it's evidence, like EVPs or things moving...But I don't care. Fake or not, it's well put together, and I enjoy it. And you can't tell me 100% of the evidence is fake. There's just some stuff you can't fake no matter how hard you try.





If you're in the mood for more "ghostly" shows, I know that Destination America is full of 'em right now. They're constantly having marathons of Paranormal Lockdown (which would be #6 or #7 if my list were out of 10), Haunted Collector (potential #9 or #10), and Ghost Asylum, which I haven't seen but probably need to check out....


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