Tom Cruise’s The Mummy is the beginning of a new Dark Universe for Universal Studios, and as such is tasked with connecting this film to a bunch of other ones in the franchise. The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Bride of Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, and a bunch of others will soon be hitting the big screen, all under the Dark Universe umbrella. So, what fits them all together? The plot device — I mean, the Prodigium, of course.

It’s a facility run by Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll (sound familiar?) and seems to have something to do with collecting information on all the monsters popping up all over the world. Oddly, the proprietor is a monster himself (Robert Louis Stevenson spoiler alert): Dr. Henry Jekyll suffers the affliction of having an alter-ego of pure evil dubbed Mr. Hyde, who, if not controlled, will take over Jekyll’s body and wreak all sorts of havoc. Ever been hangry? It’s kinda like that. And it looks like Tom Cruise unfortunately gets on Hyde’s bad side — not that he has a good one.

Amongst actors who have been buddies for as long as Cruise and Crowe have, getting to do a fight scene like this must be a ton of fun. Cruise’s Nick Morton doesn’t seem to be doing too well, at least as far into the fight as this video goes. Imagine the terror of seeing rugby aficionado Russell Crowe barreling down at you at full-tilt. I dunno about you, but I’ll go see this movie just to watch Tom Cruise get tossed across a room like a sack of potatoes.

The Mummy hits theaters today.

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