Top Gun: Maverick took theaters by storm and left a lot of people talking around the water cooler about the movie where Tom Cruise resurrects his role as the infamous daredevil fighter pilot known as Maverick.


No Water Cooler In This Kitchen

Unfortunately, we don't have a water cooler in our office here, but we do have a small kitchen and that's where Melissa & I ran into our co-worker Ben. It was during the polite small talk between coworkers that Ben made mention that he had been thinking about shaving his beard into just a mustache.

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Rooster Inspired 'Stache


He even remarked about the 'stache worn by Miles Teller who plays Lieutenant Bradley 'Rooster' Bradshaw in the film. Rooster, as the name somewhat eludes to, is the son of Goose, played by Anthony Edwards in the original Top Gun from 1986.

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A Flash of Inspiration

It was during this conversation that we had a flash of inspiration. See, Ben had a really great beard - thick, full, and well groomed and like most men with beards, Ben was rather attached to it... figuratively and literally. So if he wanted to shave it, why not make this a thing?!

Kat Mykals. TSM

Grabbing the Camera and Finding a Barber

We grabbed our cameras and found ourselves a barber, but not just any barber. We found Liz Faughn, a badass, local lady barber at KK's Hair Today Salon and Barber, who also happens to be working towards earning her educator's license at The Salon Professional Academy.

Kat Mykals, TSM

Welcome to the Class

When we arrived at The Salon Professional Academy, Liz was all set up and ready to go for Ben's big makeover. She also brought some friends - there were about a dozen TSPA students in attendance to watch as Liz walked us through the barbering of Ben's beard.

Kat Mykals, TSM

The Big Shave

I'm not going to lie. I thought for a minute or two that Ben was going to change his mind and run out of the room, beard fully intact but he stuck with it, despite his visible nerves. Liz got started with a set of trimmers before moving to shears and ultimately the hot towel and straight razor.

Kat Mykals, TSM

A Little Off the Top

Since Ben now had a new neckline, Liz (and the rest of the class) thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and clean up a little around the back of his neck and his hairline. He wasn't sold on the idea but after a little old-fashioned peer pressure, he went along with it.

Kat Mykals, TSM

A Brand New Ben

Melissa and I were there to document the entire thing. In fact, you can watch the full Facebook livestream below. We had a lot of fun filming and taking photos, and while he may not have gone with a shave quite as close as the one sported by Rooster in Top Gun: Maverick, our friend Ben walked out of The Salon Professional Academy looking like a brand new dude with his head in the clouds.

Kat Mykals, TSM

Big Thank You

We have to give a big thank you to Liz and The Salon Professional Academy for giving Ben the mustache of his dreams. If you are interested in either becoming a student at the Salon Professional Academy or you would like to visit them for your next cut, color, or shave find them online at

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