My husband was never allowed to celebrate Halloween growing up so until he met me, he never dressed up! I think to justify his years of neglect he told himself and everyone else he thought dressing up was stupid. But, the first year we were together after watching me have fun picking out my costume and getting all gussied up, he finally burst out, "Okay, let's find me a costume!" I was a flapper, so I scoured his closet to find wingtip shoes, blood red shirt, and a long coat. Then we raided Walmart for a fedora. The costume turned out pretty good!

The next year, he traded in the fedora for some metro sunglasses and a polar bear looking Tibetan llama coat to be Christian from Nip Tuck. He has in some way or another used that same red shirt and wing tip shoes for every Halloween costume he's ever been in. This year, he saved the scrubs from our daughter's birth for a mad doctor. I'll slip those shoes in somewhere!

Anyway, growing up we'd always use things from our closet to dress up in. This flapper costume was a dress from Plato's, some things from Micheal's and a whole lotta hot glue! Why buy an expensive costume, right? Wrong! Check out three costumes that are over a grand that you can buy just in time for Halloween! Then, wear your awesome costume to the Mike Harvey Monster Mash Bash for chances to win great prizes from Henderson Chevrolet!

Details and to purchase tickets for the Monster Mash Bash can be found HERE - Costume Contest by Henderson Chevrolet can be found HERE.





Total Price: $1,373.94

If I was going  to pay over a grand for a Halloween costume, I'd at least want to be a main character - not a minion!


Total Price: $5,000
I want to be the KB Toy Soldier for Halloween... said no one... ever. Hey, at least shipping is free!



Sensei Master

Total Price: $15,195.77
For almost $16,000 this sensei costume better come with Peyton Manning's throwing arm inside.