When traveling, I recommend carving out some time to visit museums. Some destinations are tailor-made for such stops; our vacation in Gettysburg PA last summer is a prime example.

But not all museums reflect the history and heritage of a specific location. Some simply grew out of interesting collections, and there's one in Kentucky that fits that description to a tee. And what a bizarre collection it is.

Learn the Correct Term for "Ventriloquist Dummy" at This Unusual Museum

When I was young, I asked for a ventriloquist's dummy for Christmas. I don't remember being particularly fascinated by them, but I wanted one just the same. Maybe the fact that I tried to feed it cheese one time illustrates how seriously I took it. Regardless, I won't be bringing any cheese with me the next chance I get to visit the Vent Haven Museum and lay eyes on one of the most unusual collections in the Commonwealth. By the way, they don't like to be called "dummies." The proper term--get your tongue ready--is "ventriloquial figure." Whew.

Located Fort Mitchell KY--just south of Cincinnati--the Vent Haven Museum, the only one of its kind on Earth, has been entertaining locals and tourists for more than 50 years, but you can't just walk in. To visit Vent Haven, you'll need to schedule your 60- to 90-minute long tour at Vent Haven's scheduling site. They don't accept walk-ins.

With more than 1,100 exhibits--or ventriloquial figures (might as well use the new vocabulary now that I've learned it)--you'll be educated as well as entertained. It certainly looks like they're awaiting your arrival, doesn't it?

So THERE'S Waldo. Okay.

You'll also learn that ventriloquism isn't just about these figures, as this exhibit about the legendary Shari Lewis exemplifies.

Take lots of pictures and learn all you can. So fascinating.

The Vent Haven Museum operates seasonally and will reopen on May 1st, 2024.

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