You can snag this bad boy for the small price of $1.25 millon.

House hunting is exhausting! Just ask Maddie - she's only been doing it a couple weeks and she's already sick of it. But, with her teeny, tiny budget, it cuts down the options pretty quick.

That got us thinking...we know what we can afford, but what about what we can't. What is the most expensive house on the market in Evansville? We used to figure it out, and the answer may surprise you.

First place goes to 408 SE Riverside Dr. This breathtaking beauty will cost you about $1.25 million. Yep...million.
  • 6 beds
  • 3 full, 2 half baths
  • 7,308 sq ft
  • 6,970 sqft lot

From the front, the house is magnificent, but you're probably asking yourself, "how is this a million dollar home?" Well, hold on to your seat because we are about to take a look inside.

The entire interior of this home is like something from a movie. It's classic style has us swoon.

And it has a courtyard that's to die for!

While this home is stunning, the prime location is also responsible for the hefty price tag.

While this home is magnificent, we wanted to shine some light on the runners-up.

Coming in second place, I present to you...8720 Wetstone Rd.

Maddie West
  • 5 beds
  • 5 full, 2 half baths
  • 8,312 sq ft
  • 2.35 acres lot

This gorgeous house will cost you the small price of $995,000 - just shy of a million.

That might be worth it considering all the bells and whistles that come along with it: in-ground pool, incredible view of the lake, breathtaking kitchen, indoor gym, and plenty of room for activities.

Maddie West

While 8720 Wetsone Rd. is incredible, let's take a look at third place.

Weighing in at 11,125 sq ft, is 6200 Newburgh Rd. It'll run you about $969,969.
  • 7beds
  • 7 full, 2 half baths
  • 11,125sq ft
  • 3.83acres lot

We need a minute to appreciate the architecture of this home.


Ok, now let's look around.

This house is for anyone wanting to bring out their unique style. The geometry of the rooms and windows is like nothing we've ever seen before.

Maddie West

Again, there's PLENTY of room to play hide-and-seek in this big boy, so keep that in mind if you're in the market.

Time to go back to my much, much smaller price range now and continue dreaming about owning a home as outstanding as any of these.


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