We've all had those neighbors that just grind on your last nerves, whether it's because they're loud, or have an obnoxious dog, or like this guy's neighbors, they're constantly "doing it". Yes this guy has gotten pretty annoyed with his neighbors being loud in the bedroom. But instead of getting mad, he creates what he calls "Thin Wall Challenges", and they're hilarious.


I'm sure you've experienced an annoying neighbor at some point in your life.  Recently, my roommates and I have been hearing the guy above us constantly yelling about something.  I think he's on the phone because no body ever yells back, but either way it can get pretty annoying.  I'm just glad I'm not the person on the other end of the phone line...

Youtube user 95camry4life has an issue with his neighbors constantly getting it on, he decides to use this to his advantage, by creating challenges that he has to do before his neighbors are well, uh, finished.

In his first challenge he sees how many balloons he can blow up, and in his second challenge he tries to bounce 5 quarters into a cup, and if he can't do it by the time they're done he has to tase himeself.  In this hilarious challenge that he titled 'Nice Cans" he has cans set up around his room, and he has to knock them over using his "patented ball rag"  which is actually just panty hose over his head with a baseball in the end.   It's hilarious watching him try to swing the ball around to knock the cans over, and if he loses he has to blast Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get it On', I mean it's an appropriate song considering the circumstances.

What challenges would you like to see him do?

You can watch the video below, but beware you can hear some "noises" coming through the walls.


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