I was born and raised on the east side of Indianapolis, and although I haven't lived there in a long time, I will always have fond memories of those years spent in and around Naptown. I don't expect everyone to feel the same way I do - I realize we all have different experiences that form our opinion of a city. Apparently, Louis CK has not had many good experiences in Indianapolis.

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'Hate' is a Strong Word

I remember being told at a young age that you shouldn't hate anything or anyone. You may strongly dislike something, but hate is just something you shouldn't do. Hate is a strong word - a strong emotion - so, imagine my shock when I hear a comedian I've always enjoyed say that he HATES Indianapolis.

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In the TikTok below, comedians Louis CK and Chris Distefano discuss the cities they hate visiting. They both almost instantly say Indianapolis, but not before Louis CK compliments a comedy club, its owner, and the hotel he has stayed in. Surely, there must be some reason why they both hate Indy so much - they must be able to point to something that has left them both with a such bad taste in their mouth. Maybe they will explain in the video.


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Did you hear any reason why they hate Indianapolis? If you did, will you please let me know because I must have missed it? All I heard was that Indy is horrible and that it stinks and sucks. Not that I care, because I really don't, but I'm just curious as to what would cause such vitriol.

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I hope you caught the hilarious irony in Distefano's last statement. Speaking of Columbus, Ohio, he says "I love a state capital." He must not realize that the city he was just bashing is also a state capital.

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