I recently saw and then posted a meme that reads, "I'm over this 7-day trial of Alaska." It's funny and it's the God's honest truth. But there's a family in Indiana that likely doesn't mind the deep freeze, at least for a while.

Indiana's Veal Family and Their Legendary Ice Tree

The Veals' happy accident happened way back in 1961, and they have maintained it ever since. Take a look at the Veal Tree, which has become an iconic attraction in the Hoosier State for six decades.

Unlike my friend Jeff, the Veals can't depend on massive snowstorms on the regular--and, like the rest of us, are probably grateful for it--so they utilize a framework and six hoses to "fuel" the formation. The massive man-made wonder has gotten as high as 85 feet. And because of the built-in unpredictability of how the water will freeze, the Veals never know what shape they'll get from one year to the next. They even throw in a little color from time to time.

The Indiana Veal Tree and Its Variety of Shapes and Sizes...and Colors

Sometimes the Veal Tree goes vertical, and sometimes it spreads out. How much fun is this thing, seriously?

How Does the Veal Family Create the Ice Tree?

Keep in mind this isn't a tree that's on the Veals' property year round; it has to be constructed to get the amazing "sculptures" fans are accustomed to seeing. Ccheck out what this all looks like BEFORE the water starts flowing and it becomes something that looks like a Game of Thrones prop:

The Veal Ice Tree is located in the Indy suburb of Acton, and until steady temperatures get to a point where the water will no longer stay frozen, you might want to take a drive and take a gander.

And pictures. Take lots of PICTURES, too.

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