Evansville is making the rounds on internet blogs today. So lets focus on whats bringing our city so much attention.

According to the Courier and Press, this man is Ricky Lee Kalichun. Mr. Kalichun apparently attacked another person inside an apartment building in downtown Evansville.

When Evansville's finest responded to a 911 call, they found Mr. Kalichun wearing a camoflauge coat and his face covered in sharpie marker. The man who called in the attack, said that Mr. Kalichun came at him with a sword.

No surprise. The police smelled alcohol on Mr. Kalichun's breath. Apparently Mr. Kalichun was a guest of the victim, an argument ensued. Swords were drawn.

I had no idea that Evansville was a town from the medieval era. I also have no idea when Bear Grylls suggested sharpie as a good camouflage or a what point in the argument when this became a good idea.

All I know is we have this epic mug shot, and its putting Evansville on the map. We're famous!

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