Now that The Wolf Among Us has finished, we can all shift our focus back to the world of The Walking Dead, and Telltale is wasting no time bringing it to us. Better keep your hair short, because Episode Four: 'Amid the Ruins' hits next week.

The trailer shows the aftermath of the group's escape from Carter's compound, with many ominous events teased on the horizon. Will Rebecca finally have that child? Is Kenny slowly sinking into a darker madness? When will Clementine finally lose it and go on a zombie killing spree? Ok, that last one is less possible, but the other two could be answered in this new episode.

Telltale is now in an interesting position: The Wolf Among Us finished so strongly that The Walking Dead now has enormous shoes to fill. Should this episode drag in comparison to the others or even to Bigby's adventure, the series that put Telltale on the map might start to get lost in the shuffle. We'll see for sure when we get our hands on the new episode.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4: Amid The Ruins launches July 22nd for PC and the North American Playstation Network, July 23rd for Xbox Live and the European PlayStation Network, and July 24th for iOS.

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