Gift giving and receiving takes a pretty sizeable amount of the spotlight when it comes to Christmas, and rightfully so. The feeling of joy you get when someone opens a gift you carefully picked out for them is enough to warm even the coldest of souls. On the flip side, ripping apart the wrapping paper, and tearing open the box to see what someone took the time to get you is equally exciting. But, let's not forget about another important part of the holiday, the food.

Whether you eat before opening gifts or torture the children and make them wait until after, sharing a meal with your family and friends is an big part of the Christmas celebration. And when it comes to the meal, there are a few standards that find their way to the table. Ham is the first thing that comes to my mind, as does mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, green beans, dinner rolls, and of course dessert. But, are any of those the most popular choices in Indiana, Kentucky, or Illinois? Let's see.

SEE: The Top Christmas Dishes and Desserts in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois

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