Let me state that I recently turned 53 years of age on September 15th.  I saw my first Cubs game at Wrigley Field when I was 9.  I've been a die-hard Cubbies fan ever since.  I have a few Cubs-related tattoos even, like a Harry Carey face, the early 1900's Cub Bear holding a bat and some ivy  wrapped around a baseball.  Yep, I love my Cubs.  They also disgust me at the same time.

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Two years ago the Ricketts family, who recently purchased the team, hired former Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein to come in and rebuild after the team had a good run with Loud Piniella in the 2007 and 2008.  Lou left and the wheels came off.  So, Theo was brought in.  He rebuilt the Red Sox and took them to the World Series after all.  Could he do that with the Cubs?  This year, the Cubs lost 96 of 162 games.  That's a 4 game improvement from last year.   On Monday, the day after this period of suffering ended, manager Dale Sveum was fired.  Gotta be a scapegoat somewhere right?  So the team is looking for a new manager as they prepare for year 3 of Theo's 4 year rebuilding plan.  Patience isn't even a factor with us Cubs fans.  There's been so many years of futility with only a few bright spots mixed in, it's expected to not have optimism about the future.  All I can say is "One day..."

Let's hope that day comes somewhere in my lifetime!